October 4, 2006

...Because the Pope Hotline Was Busy

Turns out that guy I mentioned yesterday who hijacked the plane was not a Muslim, but a Christian.

A Turkish Airlines jet was hijacked Tuesday by at least one unarmed Turkish man, apparently a convert to Christianity who wanted to communicate with Pope Benedict XVI, Turkish and Italian officials said. […]

Turkish officials had originally reported as many as four hijackers, acting in protest of the pope’s planned trip to Turkey in November, amid anger among Muslims after the pope cited a quotation calling Islam “evil and inhuman” and linking the religion to violence in a speech last month.

Binali Yildirim, the Turkish transport minister, said that “there was no verified information that the hijacking was related to the pope visit,” The Associated Press reported.

By late Tuesday evening, Turkish and Italian officials said they believed that Mr. Ekinci was the only hijacker. He asked for political asylum during the hijacking, Italian officials said.

Figures, I slow down posting and I end up posting a nearly completely bogus story. OK Christians, time to get out and paint some mosques for your willingness to pin this one on the Muslims. Winky, winky.

Posted by James at October 4, 2006 8:12 AM
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