October 10, 2006


Hey, nobody reminded me to switch my avatar to the pumpkin. It’s autumn, people!

I know it’s warm outside, but it’s fall, dammit. I have the pictures to prove it.

Autumn By the Mill Stream

Posted by James at October 10, 2006 12:17 AM
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On the one hand, I hate the pumpkin because it means summer is over. OTOH I cherish the pumpkin as a much-needed buffer between summer and the many dead months of winter.

And I'm in favor of anything that reminds me of Halloween, since I also need a buffer between the uncomplicated secular summer and the increasingly tortured "holidays" (and the wars against them).

Thanksgiving used to be a nice intermediate step, but nowadays it's just the opening act for Christmas.

Actually, if we could just push Halloween back a few weeks, that would probably stave off the onset of Christmas Fever. But somehow I don't see that happening. ;)

Posted by: Julie at October 10, 2006 10:33 AM

I know it's a cliche to say this, but they literally started putting out the Christmas decor items with the Halloween items, which was around the same time as the back-to-school items. I can't give you a date, but I think it was August.

Posted by: Maggie at October 10, 2006 10:47 AM

I walked by a three-decker house in Somerville the other day and I noticed a wooden shelter had been constructed in the postage-stamp-sized front yard. I couldn't decide if the owners were getting an early start on Halloween decorations or a Christmas nativity scene. In a decade or two there may no longer be a difference. Caroling or treat, anyone?

Posted by: Mike at October 10, 2006 11:20 AM

Yes, I noticed the back-to-school stuff was impinging on some of their Halloween/xmas stuff at Kmart. That really bummed me out since I thought even the back-to-school stuff was put up way too early - literally a couple of weeks after the kids had started their vacations.

I know they like to keep their "seasonal aisles" fully stocked at all times, but this is the kind of thing that makes me want to live in a cabin in the woods.

As for the wooden shelter - my guess is that it'll first be a Halloween display, then a Thanksgiving display, then a menagerie, then some sort of Valentine's/St. Paddy's monstrosity, then Easter, then 4th of July, then Back To School...

Posted by: Julie at October 10, 2006 11:31 AM

Maybe it's a Sukkah. The holiday of Sukkot takes place 15 days after Yom Kippur, so the timing is right. I remember reading about this in a novel when I was a girl -- the family built a Sukkah in their yard. I wish I could remember the book.

Posted by: Maggie at October 10, 2006 3:10 PM

Was it a Judy Blume novel, by any chance?

Posted by: Julie at October 10, 2006 3:53 PM

I don't think so... I recall it was about a poor family in the 20's or something like that, and they may have lived in New York, but I don't think it was Judy Blume. I did read a lot of Judy Blume... she's an amazing author. I think this might have been a series.

Posted by: Maggie at October 10, 2006 4:46 PM

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