October 16, 2006

A "You Ruined the Surprise" Party

I’m not really a big fan of surprise parties, and neither is my wife. There are a number of reasons for this, among them that part of the fun of a party is the anticipation. The stress of a party is usually getting things prepared and the house cleaned. So if I were throwing a party for Maggie and the location was somewhere other than home and all the details were taken care of, I think that would be zero stress and she’d probably want to know in advance.


An idea occurred to me which I will likely never use, and now that I’m about to tell all of you the idea I really would not be able to use it. But maybe one of you could use it if you are devious, or know someone devious. Of course, neither I nor any of my friends are the least bit devious.

If you knew someone who didn’t like surprise parties (or even if they do), but liked mind games, you could throw them a “You Ruined The Surprise” party. Here’s how it works. You would contact all of their friends and tell them all that you’re throwing a surprise party for X. Tell them X is already a bit suspicious, so you have to keep this extra-secret. Tell them not to bring any presents, that their participation in the party is the present. Er, you might say something a little less suspicious than that. Just tell them to show up.

Then, you tell X, your deviously-inclined party-recipient, that you’re throwing a party and you tell X who has been invited. You give them all the details. What happens next is up to them and how creative and devious they are. They now know a “secret.” All the people they know best are supposed to keep them from finding out. X can needle people for information. X can subtly ask them what they’re doing on the appointed day. X can play them against each other. Whatever floats X’s boat.

The great thing is, since they’re just pretending not to know about the party, they can try to break each friend separately. If a friend cracks, they can just say “It’s OK. Don’t tell anyone you let the cat out of the bag and I’ll pretend to be surprised.” Then they move on to the next friend.

See, I told you it was devious. But if your friends are devious and understanding (and forgiving) you can all have a laugh about it at the party.

Of course, now if someone tells you they’re having a surprise party, maybe it’s a “You Ruined the Surprise” party. The great thing is that, if you’re invited to a “surprise party” then you won’t know the difference!

Posted by James at October 16, 2006 10:32 PM
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