October 30, 2006

Spooky Mix

I made a mix for Halloween. It’s not a scary mix, and the music is not actually Halloween themes, per se. Rather, this is music that either has a mortality or macabre theme to it, or it’s music that has a depressed or chilling quality to it.

Here’s the list:

JPB Spooky Mix ‘06

Dead Can Dance
Anywhere Out Of The World
Echo and the Bunnymen
Killing Moon
Gary Jules
Mad World
Beautiful Freak
The Jim Carroll Band
People Who Died
Naked Eyes
Always Something There To Remind Me
The Cranberries
I Still Do
Moon Over Bourbon Street
How To Disappear Completely
Howard Shore
Gollum’s Song (Performed By Emiliana Torrini)
New Order
Paper Tiger
Depeche Mode
Blasphemous Rumors
Nick Kershaw
Wouldn’t It Be Good
The Alloy Orchestra
Nosferatu—The Vampire’s Waltz
Dead Can Dance
Carnival Is Over

BTW - I’m not sure how “Always Something There to Remind Me” crept into the list. I think I was thinking of “Jeopardy” by Greg Kihn band. Because of the video, which features a climax including a giant worm reminiscent of the one summoned by reading De Vermis Mysteriis in Stephen King’s short story Jerusalem’s Lot. I think because of the wedding theme which also appears in the Naked Eyes video, I sometimes get the two songs confused. I like the Always Something There to Remind Me as a song better. But the cheesy video for Jeopardy is compelling. And you gotta love the Weird Al Parody, I Lost on Jeopardy.

A couple of these songs are somewhat depressing, because part of the purpose of the mix is to be a bit of a chilling downer. But more depressing by far is trying to discuss music on my weblog. For the last year or so, I’ve looked into different ways to post a playlist and easily share with you at least a snippet of each song so that (if you’d never heard it) you’d get an idea of each. The closest I came was in uploading iTunes “iMix” lists, which allows me to make an iTunes playlist that you all can see. Then you’d be able to see the songs together in the iTunes store and hear a snippet of each. The two down sides that eventually made this impractical was 1) It required you all to have iTunes, and I know some people don’t like that. And 2) iTunes has a limited catalog, so I would upload 15 songs and it would cut out 10 of them. Pathetic.

To discuss music, it has to be a shared experience. But it’s not legal to share that experience online. If you were here, it would be perfectly legal for me to play a song I own, but let you hear it, too. However, if I’m discussing a song with you over a distance, even if I’ve bought the CD, we can’t both listen to that CD. Again, iTunes comes close to this by allowing me to share my music with other people over a local network (they can listen but not copy). There’s no technical reason why they ought not to allow the same thing over the internet — allowing you to connect to my machine just to play my playlist. But, sadly, they do not allow you to do this.

The recording industry does graciously allow me to list the title and artist of the song here on my blog. Fun!

In any case, we will soldier on.

Do you have a song or songs that give you the chills, or tickle the Halloweeny part of your brain? If so, please tell me about them in the comments.

Posted by James at October 30, 2006 8:11 AM
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nice mix! a friend of mine has a program for her PC she uses to post mp3 snippets to her web site that are annoyingly short (30 seconds), but I'll ask her what it is. I also know someone who uses Garage Band to cut 60 second snippets of songs into sampler mp3s, if you have a Mac or access to one. If I don't get back to you on this, remind me in an email - I get distracted easi - look! shiny!

Posted by: leslie at October 30, 2006 1:25 PM

Billion Dollar Babies (just the song) by Alice Cooper (the band)
Welcome to My Nightmare (the whole album) by Alice Cooper (the solo act)
At Dawn They Sleep (Slayer)

Posted by: Julie at October 30, 2006 2:10 PM

Wow - Nick Kershaw. What an awesome song that was...hmmm...off the top of my head...some of my creepiness, in no particular order...

The Call of Ktulu (Metallica) - 80's speedmetal pioneers Great Old One instrumental tribute creepy

Aerials (System of a Down) - Armenian Nu-Metal what the f*** are they talking about creepy with a cool instrumental track right at the end

Heroin (Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground) - Nihilistic so this is what a junkie feels like it almost sounds like fun creepy

The whole "Pornography" album (The Cure) - 80's Brit post-punk super-depressing with some killer angry guitar riffs creepy

Sweet Dreams (Marylin Manson) - I took a beautiful song, twisted and slaughtered it and it still came out great creepy

Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath) - 70's bat-biting prince of darkness deep reverb creepy

"Quake II" game audio (Trent Reznor) - it's 3 am and dark and dead quiet and I really need to stop playing this game and get to bed and -AAAAAAGGGHHH!!! a Demon! creepy

Happy (late) Halloween

Posted by: Bull at November 1, 2006 10:55 AM

Some nice creepy additions to my mix. And some new tracks I am going to have to check out!

Thanks, all!

Posted by: James at November 1, 2006 11:45 AM

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