November 2, 2006

We're In!

Derek and I got tickets for the Gubernatorial Forum through the university. So I will be attending.

I hope to hear some of what each candidate thinks they could do, as governor, to help the so-called SouthCoast with its specific challenges while also taking advantage of what we have to offer the state.

I don’t remember this sort of think happening with governor candidates ever before in the Fall River/New Bedford area.

Thanks, Derek, for thinking to submit my name when he submitted his, even though I didn’t ask him to, since I was AFK at the time. And, as an aside, you rock, Keri.

Posted by James at November 2, 2006 4:57 PM
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How was it?? Did Mihos give you a free jacket? ;)

Posted by: Julie at November 3, 2006 3:30 PM

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