November 9, 2006

OK, That Was Fun

Let me refer to a quote from Lou Dobbs:

Election Day was middle-class America’s declaration of independence from a Republican-led administration and Congress that for six years has been telling working men and women and their families in this country to shut up, listen up and go to hell.
The middle class just returned the favor and demonstrated discernment while delivering their loud message to Washington, D.C.

Americans recently had to sit and listen to the official opinion of the administration that if you voted for the Democratic Party (they probably churlishly said “Democrat Party” when they said it) you were siding with the terrorists. That sort of rhetoric deserves a smackdown, and that’s what it got. After years of having something rammed down your throat, it’s refreshing, liberating, exhilarating, and encouraging to feel like your voice, your response, was heard and felt. And thus my exuberant jubilation.

Personally, I don’t think it was felt by all the president’s supporters. But there are some indications that it may have been felt by the president. Somewhat begrudgingly, I think we might get to see that “uniter” that we heard so much about in 2000 but never met. Bush’s vaunted and supposed uniter personality was somehow suppressed (by Rove, Rumsfeld Cheney, himself, Barney or Miss Beasley? Who knows?). It was obvious that the only way change would come was if Bush left office or the Republicans control of congress.

What are we going to see in the next two years? I hope we see bipartisan solutions to problems, an easing up on the middle class, more respect abroad, funding for education and an end to the politicizing of medical and other sciences… but we’ll may just see gridlock. Even so, I’m full of hope.

And to any of the party-poopers who wanted to begrudge us our day of celebration, I say: grow a sense of humor and stow the sanctimony you-know-where.

Posted by James at November 9, 2006 12:16 PM
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The uniter disappeared as soon as he won the election and didn't reappear until he lost one. I don't think it is in his nature to work with others until he has to.

Posted by: Mike at November 9, 2006 3:37 PM

It also seems to me that after 9/11 Bush discovered he seemed Presidential when he issued ultimatums. That became his modus operandi and compromise went out the window.

But yes, I have hope for the next two years. Hell, I'll even happily settle for gridlock.

Posted by: Mike at November 9, 2006 3:41 PM

If he's going to be a uniter, he does have some ground to make up, in my humble opinion.

So my call for working together is a little different from his call to work together. He needs to get on board with the message the American people sent.

When the Democrats send him a plan, I'd like to see him saying "how can I help make this happen?"

I don't favor pursuing impeachment, and all that talk about that is a distraction. On the other hand, if he doesn't cooperate on the Democratic Party goals, then congress will have a lot of time on its hands. If you know what I mean.

Posted by: James at November 9, 2006 3:48 PM

BTW - I've never actually watched Lou Dobbs, but someone had sent me a link to his commentary on the election and I thought that quote was appropriate.

Posted by: James at November 10, 2006 9:45 AM

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