January 10, 2007

Burst of Religious Liberalism

In Baltimore last week the grey hair of John J. Cornwell, general counsel for Baltimore & Ohio R. R. and onetime (1917-21) Governor of West Virginia, stood on end, as he and other conservative Marylanders were treated to the following outbursts of religious liberalism.

That is the lead-in paragraph from an article in Time Magazine from Mar. 09, 1936 referring to the actions of the Church League for Industrial Democracy (Episcopal) which, at the time, was headed by Maggie’s grandfather, Rev. William Owings Stone. He’s the fellow who married us at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Barrington, RI. But back then he was with St. Mary’s Church in Baltimore, MD.

What resolution set Mr. Cornwell on edge? Along with their decision to align with the American League Against War & Fascism, Rev. Stone’s group “resolved in favor of equality of Negroes and whites in official Episcopal positions, went on record against the antisedition and anti-disaffection bills now pending in Congress.”

“My hair stood on end when I read those resolutions. I drew the line when I saw they advocated social equality with Negroes in church offices and they wanted to stop those who would penalize overthrow of our government by force. … If that’s going to be the doctrine of the Protestant Episcopal Church, I’m going to do what Al Smith said he’d do — I’ll take a walk.”

Maggie’s liberal roots go way back.

Posted by James at January 10, 2007 9:44 AM
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