January 10, 2007

Baker's Dozen Brutally Attacked

A Yale choir group known as the "Baker's Dozen" was brutally attacked in San Francisco leaving a party which took place at the house of a police officer.

The trouble started at midnight after the Baker's Dozen sang the Star Spangled Banner. Witnesses say a few local young men didn't appreciate the attention the Yale students were getting, made fun of their conservative dress and began taunting them and making threats.


As the Baker's Dozen left the house they were ambushed. Five, six, seven assailants attacking each member. Their injuries ranged from scrapes, black eyes, a badly sprained ankle to concussions.

If you think that with so many witnesses, they must have caught the perpetrators, think again:

What especially concerns the Aziz family is that police detained four of the attackers but did not make an arrest, and a full week later they still haven't made an arrest.

More discussion on a local ABC affiliate's website.

Posted by James at January 10, 2007 11:44 AM
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