January 17, 2007

Bush Lawyer Switcheroo

When I started this blog, I used to do a lot of throwing links up here (thus the name). Lately I try not to blog unless I have something useful to add, either combining multiple stories or adding something I want to say. But in some cases, I just want you to see a story I think is ridiculous or outrageous.

Like this story on Talking Points Memo about what Bush is doing with U.S. Attorneys.

Sorry for the hyperblogging today (it’s the caffeine) but I thought I needed to mention that Bush has fired a bunch of US Attorneys, including some that were investigating the White House and high-profile Republican scandals (Duke Cunningham, anyone?). Then, using a provision of the much-loved Patriot Act, he’s replacing them with politically-friendly lawyers including a guy who worked for Karl Rove digging up dirt on Democrats.

This particular attorney will be in charge of Arkansas. Josh Marshall muses: “Now, why would Karl Rove want his top oppo researcher being the US Attorney in Arkansas for the next two years?”

Posted by James at January 17, 2007 1:47 PM
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