January 31, 2007

Home Tech Bridges

They’re trying something new this year with the 6th grade class at my daughter’s school. In the home tech class, they’ve split the year up into “typing” and “bridge-building.” They told us this at parent’s night.


“Yes” they told us. Bridge-building questions are on the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) test, so we’ve included it in the curriculum.

Really? This struck me as odd. But, there are questions on the MCAS test that deal with bridges and engineering.

It hit me on the drive home today, maybe it’s not so odd considering…

Date is set to open bids for final phase of Brightman Street Bridge project

Work on the new phase is still slated to begin in the spring.
Construction is expected to take five years. Even if that holds, it would mean the bridge would be opening a decade later than officials originally expected when work on the project began.

Maybe there’s a reason the Brightman Street Bridge replacement is taking so long. Figuring in one or two more delays on the new bridge, my daughter and her classmates will be out of school and ready to help complete the bridge. It sounds like a joke, but what isn’t a joke about a bridge that was originally supposed to be open before the century was over?

So, citizens of Fall River and Somerset, don’t despair. Help is on the way for the bridge. A custom-made workforce ready in about 8 years - earlier if you have them on work-study.

Posted by James at January 31, 2007 7:07 PM
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