March 20, 2007

Looking Out For One-Another

“It’s just the kind of place where everybody looks out for everybody,” she said recently while working behind the bar. “I mean, people look out for me. I hope.”

Those are the words of Karri Cormican, an alert waitress who likely prevented a date rape from occurring when she intervened after seeing a man slip a white powder into a young woman’s beer.

This guy was persistent. The waitress made some excuse and took back the beer. While she was trying to tell his date what she’d seen, he slipped more drugs into the replacement beer.

The vile asshat is getting a year in prison after pleading guilty to “transporting and furnishing a narcotic,” avoiding punishment for any charges related to a planned sexual assault. He’ll be out in May and I think that’s a tragedy.

Good people need to look out for each other, like Ms. Cormican and the bartender, Hannah Bridgeman-Oxley, did for this woman. Of course, it’s lucky that they saw him slipping the powder in the drink, but I see this as simply one example of protecting someone in a vulnerable situation. No matter if it is a woman or man in distress, good people do have a responsibility to look out for others. I’m glad to know there are people out there like this pair of women.

Cormican had arrived in San Francisco from Fargo, N.D., only six months prior to the incident and still works at Noe’s. She shrugs off any attempt to call her a heroine.

You know, she’s right. She did what anyone should have done. However, she and Ms. Bridgeman-Oxley do deserve kudos because their alertness and actions are much needed in the world, and (I think) extraordinary.

Posted by James at March 20, 2007 3:58 PM
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