April 4, 2007

Nancy Health Plan

Chuck has a good post on Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria. I won’t repeat the points he’s made; you can read them for yourself.

This morning an interesting thing happened to me. I heard the local midday radio personality demonizing Speaker Pelosi for her trip to Syria. Also, he attacked all members of (“the Democratic”) congress who were on junkets trying to build connections between our country and the world. He called them traitors for having their own view of the way we should be interacting with the world. He was livid that anyone would suggest that the Democrats have ideas for foreign policy and would work toward them. He parroted the president’s accusations that the congress didn’t send him a military spending bill he could sign (for reference, they did send him a bill which funds the war, but the president is going to take his veto pen and sulk in the corner if congress doesn’t send him exactly the bill he wants.).

And listening to the conservative talk show host had a startling effect on my blood pressure. My blood pressure stayed exactly where it was before.

Amazing what checks and balances can do. The Democrats in congress finally have some balls (took long enough and they still are tentative). But the government is no longer the frustrating unchecked lunatic Cheneyan wet dream. Other countries are waking up to the fact that they might be able to work with a more reasonable government, and so they have begun talking to members of congress who are building diplomatic bridges. Bush’s foreign policy is a disaster, and it irks his supporters that congress is trying to pick up the pieces and look to the future. Democrats are supposed to sit around and whine and moan, right?

I got immense satisfaction to be able to hear such an over-the-top radio diatribe and feel calm about it. Regardless of the fruits of Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Syria, the angry folks who have been running the country into the ground and plaguing the radio waves are taken down a peg. They’ve tossed the “traitor” epithet around so much, it barely means anything anymore. By some of their definitions (combined) I bet you could tag 90%+ of the population as traitors. But where before they had the ear of the government, with MOC’s gleefully relabeling menu items to remove the word “French” and other unproductive childishness, now there is desperation in their voices. It’s not desperation that the country is going the wrong way, or even that the country is out of their control. It’s desperation that there are fewer and fewer receptive ears to their brand of blue-faced hyperbole.

Thanks for the health boost, Speaker Pelosi.


On DailyKos: 4 Things Bush doesn’t want you to know about Pelosi’s Syria visit.

(Among them: Israel is happy Pelosi is visiting Syria and there are also Republican congressmen in Syria with Bush’s approval. Loud Pelosi detractors are looking like morons. Agreeing with the president is dangerous because chances are you’re going to have egg on your face sooner or later. That’s your reward for trusting the guy.)

Posted by James at April 4, 2007 6:01 PM
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If you're saw this post earlier and missed my bonus update, check out the link to DailyKos.


Posted by: James at April 4, 2007 9:32 PM

So, if anything goes right over there, BushCo can claim that their emissaries done good, but if bad breaks out, they'll just point blame at Nancy and keep showing pictures of her veil.
It's great when government becomes transparent, idnit?

Posted by: ThirdMate at April 5, 2007 12:28 PM

James thanks for making such great points. The smear machine is spinning up to speed, but hopefully those on the middle ground will stop listening to it.

Posted by: Chuck S. at April 5, 2007 10:09 PM

"lunatic Cheneyan wet dream" - I misread this as "Chechnyan" and was left puzzled. First, I wasn't sure what kind of wet dreams they would have. Probably something about Putin's head on a stick. Then I was confused as to its relevance.


Posted by: briwei at April 9, 2007 5:27 PM

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