April 27, 2007

Two Phrases From Vonnegut

Karen posted a link to a good Kurt Vonnegut article. Here’s Karen’s post and here’s the article. It’s called “15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has Or Will.”

Two things that hit me particularly hard:

“Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly; Man got to sit and wonder, ‘Why, why, why?’ Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land; Man got to tell himself he understand.”


“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

The first relates to many thoughts I’ve had lately on humans and understanding. The second reminds me of a favorite Ghandi quote: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Posted by James at April 27, 2007 2:35 PM
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I call shenanigans on the second one there. I've been pretending to be the sexiest man alive for decades now. Is it working? I rest my case. ;-P

I like the first one. I'm going to miss Kurt. :-(

Posted by: Chuck S. at April 27, 2007 4:36 PM

You should pretend you're getting checks in the mail and then checks will come in the mail!!!!!

The meaning I take from it is that the way you act: that's who you are/become.

Posted by: James at April 27, 2007 4:52 PM

Chuck, the problem is that you don't find men sexy. Perhaps you are actually being the sexiest woman alive. ;-)

The first one is interesting. I interpret it as meaning something I read once by Minsky -- that at some point, with every issue, we get tired of thinking about it and our mind rests on the ideas that we've reached at that point. But we really haven't exhausted all of the arguments or all of the thoughts, it's just that we've exhausted our brain. So we decide that we believe whatever thoughts we've reached at that point. (I'm not explaining it was well as Minsky or as eloquently as Vonnegut, if that is indeed what he meant.)

Posted by: Maggie at April 27, 2007 7:32 PM

LOL ;-)

Posted by: Chuck S. at April 27, 2007 11:17 PM

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