June 20, 2007

Cuban Revolution

Cousin Bob and I made a run to Providence yesterday to get takeout from Cuban Revolution restaurant on Aborn street (map).

It’s just a brief walk southeast from Trinity Brewhouse and a similarly short walk west from the Providence Performing Arts Center.

Our mission was to obtain Cuban sandwiches and Roast Pork sandwiches. We ordered a bunch of both and relaxes with a Caipirinha and a Mojito. The Caipirinha was good; unfortunately I didn’t look to see if he used actual cachaça in the drink. It didn’t taste like rum, and it was strong, but I don’t have a reference for judging it.

The Mojito, on the other hand, was as good as you ought to expect from a Cuban restaurant. That is to say, it was quite good. Possibly the best I’ve had at a restaurant and almost as good as the ones we were making last year. Bob says that last time his mint wasn’t muddled enough, so he specifically asked for a decent muddle, and the bartender did not fail us.

When we arrived home, the sandwiches were, miraculously, still warm.

A Cuban sandwich has roast pork, ham, salami, Swiss cheese, pickles, mayo and mustard. The mustard and pickles and salami were dominant, and the bread was thin and flavorful. Never having had a Cuban sandwich before, I deemed this sandwich “good.”

The pork sandwich was a different story. It’s the Cuban, but lose the ham, salami and pickles and load up on the pork. The pork sandwich was just excellent. Their roast pork was shredded and juicy, and the mustard gave it a little kick. The bread is the same in both sandwiches, almost pastry-like and soft, with a chewy crust.

The menu boasts “Best Steak Sandwich in RI” and I’d like to try that next time, but for my money the roast pork sandwich is a winner. And worth the field trip. A good night would be: park at the mall, walk to Trinity for a beer and wings as an appetizer, then over to Cuban Revolution for dinner and a mojito… then back to the mall for a movie to prepare for driving. Try to ignore the strip club across the street. And don’t stand outside and yell “Viva La Revolucion!” They don’t seem to like that.

Posted by James at June 20, 2007 8:20 AM
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Interesting. I've never had salami in a Cuban sandwich. I imagine it makes a big difference in the flavor of the sandwich.

Posted by: Julie at June 20, 2007 9:09 AM

My friend from Brazil brought me a bottle of cacha├ža to make me a "real" caipirinha. It was fine for that particular application, but I didn't like it in anything else.

Posted by: Julie at June 20, 2007 9:11 AM

Oh dang- now I am dying for a guave pastelitto and a cafe cubano. I need to move to Florida.

Posted by: Cindy at June 20, 2007 4:52 PM

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