July 17, 2007

From Sweet to Suicide Bomber in 6 Seconds

I had to post a link to this bizarre article written by a British journalist who paid twelve hundred dollars to go on the ultimate conservative cruise organized by the National Review. He lived to write about what conservatives discuss when they’re out on the water.

They rush through the Rush-list of liberals who hate America, who want her to fail, and I ask them - why are liberals like this? What’s their motivation? They stutter to a halt and there is a long, puzzled silence. ” It’s a good question,” one of them, Martha, says finally. I have asked them to peer into the minds of cartoons and they are suddenly, reluctantly confronted with the hollowness of their creation. “There have always been intellectuals who want to tell people how to live,” Martha adds, to an almost visible sense of relief. That’s it - the intellectuals! […] I stare out to sea. How long would it take me to drown?

Also notable (and on he first page) who needs to be beheaded to save America. And later on, questioning Kenneth Starr.

I guess this stuff isn’t anything you couldn’t find by browsing a bunch of neocon blogs, but this would be your one-stop-shopping center for alternate universe chest thumping and Muslim scare mongering.

Posted by James at July 17, 2007 2:22 PM
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In a similar show of Republi-tude, this guy made a pretty interesting (and funny) video:


Posted by: Derek at July 18, 2007 9:43 PM

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