September 13, 2007

WTF, Thursday

Good Samaritan Sex Offender

This story takes the cake. A guy sees a woman in trouble while he’s dropping his daughter off at school. With his wife and daughter in the car he rolls up to see what the woman in distress wants. She sticks her head in the car and solicits him for sex. The guy says “no” and they laugh about the incident, until the police come and pull him out of the car, arresting him for solicitation.

WTF? Eventually they dropped the charges, but they impounded the family car under forfeiture laws and won’t give it back until the family pays $4,700 in towing fees. Wheee! WTF?

Man Arrested for Diaper Text Message

Police say 48-year-old Lawrence Robarge used his cell phone to send photographs of himself wearing a diaper to a female teen in Enfield, New Hampshire. He had never met her and reportedly got her number by just typing numbers.

Hear that, folks? It’s like a new sort of contest you can win. I bet folks all over the country are now contemplating sending pictures of themselves in various states of creative attire to your cell phone by dialing randomly. It’s like the lottery, only creepier. And you get to pay for receiving the text message. Enjoy!

Bank of America raises ATM fee

A coworker recently exclaimed “Two Dollars???” when she was using a Bank of America ATM to take money out of her non-Bank-of-America account. She’ll be thrilled to learn that Bank of America has revisited their AMT fee and “rightsized” it up to $3.

The short version of this story is “Screw you, Bank of America. I’m not going near your bank.” No lie, I was considering switching my checking account to BoA, partly because there is one convenient to where I work. But that ain’t happening now.

You can roll into Stop & Shop, buy a pack of gum, pay with your bank card and ask for cash back. Sure, you have to buy a pack of gum, but it costs a lot less than $3 and… you get to chew the gum.

Former Pastor Pleads Guilty

If you’re a Roman Catholic priest, it turns out it’s easy to get people to donate money to you. Of course, they think you’re doing good with it so when it turned out that…

Fay, 56, used church money for limousines, stays at top hotels around the world, jewelry and clothing from Italy. He also bought a condominium in Florida with another man. Federal investigators said that Fay also spent money to buy a condominium in Philadelphia.

well, people were a little miffed. The U.S. attorney wants you to know that nobody is above the law! Apparently he doesn’t read the national news.

Waiter Fired After Leaving Shift To Save Carjacking Victim

Manager: That’s the third time this week you’ve left your shift to stop a violent crime. YOU’RE FIRED!

No, that’s not really what happened. The manager just fired the guy after he returned, conveniently waiting for the lunch rush to be over.

I’m not saying that the fellow deserves a raise for leaving his post, even if he did stop a carjacking. But, come on! If I were a customer at that restaurant and I had to wait a little longer for my soup, you’d only have to say “I’m sorry sir, your waiter left the building because he saw a carjacking in progress and helped to stop it.” So the manager was just stupid if he thought he needed to fire the guy because of irate customers. Who doesn’t want to see a carjacker stopped?

Turns out, the guy has since gotten a lot of job offers. In fact, the manager has called to offer him his old job back. Which just makes the manager look like even more of an opportunistic jerk. He was probably getting a lot of calls from people who said “Don’t expect me to eat at your restaurant. I’d rather eat somewhere where they care whether I’m being carjacked or not.”


Posted by James at September 13, 2007 7:58 AM
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Yeesh. These stories are upsetting me.

Posted by: Chuck S. at September 18, 2007 1:53 PM

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