November 2, 2007

Apple Trojan

Breaking news. A rare attack on Apple's MacOS had been discovered.

Apple on Thursday confirmed reports of pornography Web sites where hidden software, once downloaded, could take control of an Apple computer. Apple did not immediately respond to claims that it is the first instance of a Trojan horse attack on Apple's Macintosh platform.

Apple also did not respond to claims that this was found by Steve Jobs who was surfing the web and, as he called it, "testing his Leopard."


A completely unreliable source has suggested that the discovery of this issue originated as a bug report submitted by an anonymous poster to an "Apple Haterz" forum. The IP address was traced back to Redmond, Washington, and the post was accompanied by the following text: "Nyah, nyah! - BG"

Posted by James at November 2, 2007 1:10 PM
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