November 20, 2007


When the primaries come around, I’m pretty sure I’m going to vote for the same guy I voted for last time. Dennis Kucinich. I’ve thought about it, after considering Hillary and Barak, and this seems to be the a clear choice for me now. He’s the only candidate anywhere near my opinions. American voting has moved so far to the right that authoritarians all over the world have to look a little bit to the right to see our Democratic party.

It would be interesting, as some on the Internet are pushing, to see Ron Paul vs. Dennis Kucinich. I understand why many people support Paul, but I just can’t. He’s got too many opinions that I think would result in less social freedom. I appreciate the idea that government should just remain out of your life completely, but I don’t think freedom actually works that way. So I remain a largely anti-authoritarian liberal, desiring the government to get involved for social good, and especially when it can enhance freedom, rather than just stand aside and let people get more efficiently trampled.

But I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul make it to the general election because he at least seems honest, and I think some of the other choices are fairly evil.

The fact that Paul and Kucinich are getting so much attention this go-around is a testament to how deeply, efficiently, unceremoniously and blatantly Bush and the Republicans have screwed themselves (and us) over.

In the best and shortest blog post I’ve read all week, David says:

The Republicans should just change their name to the Torture a Spic for Jesus party and be done with it.

I think that sums up the platform well, and honesty is the best policy. Following that line of thought, we could be all relieved to finally see Roger Ailes come to his senses and rename the Fox News Channel to The Torture a Spic For Jesus Porn Network.


Of course every American knows that the Fox News Channel is, in actuality, Republican run party propaganda. I like to call it Republiporn. But wait! This supposedly conservative news station is also a good source of female skin and smut. See the video: Fox News Porn. This video is made of footage just taken from Fox news. You could probably claim softcore porn just on the dressing habits of the female talking heads.

I attribute the mainstreaming of pornography to our “conservative” friends at Fox. No wonder Ashcroft left the Bush administration. He was probably about to start investigating the websurfing habits at the Fox News studios.

Check out Dennis Kucinich’s positions and see if they don’t coincide with your own. If you weren’t considering supporting Kucinich, I bet you’ll agree a lot more than you expect.

Posted by James at November 20, 2007 8:42 AM
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I was the coordinator for the Kucinich campaign in RI last time around, and honestly, I felt pretty burned. I felt like I poured all this effort into a guy that wasn't serious about actually running for real. I considered supporting him again this time but realized, again, he's not serious. If he was, he would have started asking for volunteers and contributions a year ago.

Plus, even though I like a lot of his positions, I can't get over his "dept of peace" nonsense and the way he constantly talks about impeachment as a way to appeal to his base. Impeachment is nonsense at this point. If he just focused on health care and infrastructure building I'd have a lot more respect for him.

Posted by: David Grenier at November 20, 2007 9:51 AM

Hmm - when I posted this on Tuesday morning, my blog client accidentally attributed it to the 18th (Sunday). Fixed the post date (important for NaBloPoMo!)

That's what happens when i don't use my laptop for 2 days and leave my blog client running. It posts to the time you opened the client, not the time you press "post." Dur!

Posted by: James at November 21, 2007 1:22 AM

I like Bill Richardson and will likely vote for him in the primary, assuming he's still around. I don't like Clinton, Obama has said a few things that turn me off and Edwards doesn't exactly light me on fire. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure one of them is going to win. Most likely Clinton or Obama.

Posted by: B.O.B. (bob) at November 21, 2007 8:09 AM

Obama has had a few things that turn me off, too, but nothing that wouldn't make me that sorry to vote for him in the general election. Especially against the mostly frightening Republican offerings.

I get a sense that the Republicans are scared of Obama. Bush even boosted Clinton yesterday. That's why the line on her is "She's tough, but the Republicans can beat her." They don't want to discourage Democrats from possibly nominating her. I think a Republican would have an easier time beating her than Obama. But I agree with Bush that she is probably best suited to handle the pressure.

All that said, Kucinich may not be "in it to win it" but I enjoy voting for an actual liberal once in a while.

Posted by: James at November 21, 2007 9:40 AM

I find Obama more appealing than Clinton, but I still think they're both disturbingly glib. Clinton's arrogance is what really bothers me, though.

I trust ALL of the other guys more, including Kucinich and even Gravel; but by the time the primary rolls around, we'll be lucky if any of them are still be in the race. Kucinich will probably hang in there the longest, refusing to give up even after the money runs out. (I wish they'd all do that. I say screw the "party unity" crap until the day of the convention.)

I'll be happy if I can vote for anyone besides the top two contenders, and I'll be absolutely thrilled if I can still vote for Biden, Richardson, or Edwards.

Since I'm "unaffiliated" (or whatever we call it in this state), if I'm really displeased with my choices and Ron Paul's still in, I'll become a Republican for ten minutes and make my contribution that way. (Then I will go home and scrub myself with bleach and a wire brush for three hours.)

It may not make a real difference, but I don't want to give Clinton a damn thing until I absolutely have to.

Posted by: Julie at November 21, 2007 11:35 AM

I like Kucinich. I wish he actually had a chance. I also like Dodd and Richardson. Clinton and Obama have the best chance of winning because they are pro-business Democrats. So, they can get the funds and get some across the aisle support. But I don't like either of them.

Posted by: briwei at November 21, 2007 1:00 PM

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