December 21, 2007

Peroneal Tendonitis

This is probably some new age foot treatment.

Or a cyborg doctor?

I came down with an acute case of peroneal tendonitis this week. In plain-talkin’ terms, that’s a sudden pain on the outside of one of your feet just between the ankle and heel. Maggie, who has dealt on and off with this before from her running, says that the likely cause is extended sessions of mall-walking are to blame. Looking online, I see that I probably shouldn’t hang on to old and broken down sneakers for so long, because once the heel support goes, you’re opening the door to all sorts of problems. Considering that I run for exercise (in decent sneakers, usually) I should probably put more thought into my non-running shoes as well.

But this was funny. I found this page describing peroneal tendonitis and I had to laugh when I got to the bottom of the page. The image at the right was shown, apparently under “Related Links and Info.” Has that poor woman got tennis elbow and peroneal tendonitis? Sad.

Then I thought - wait! She’s some sort of cyborg doctor, come back from the future to heal your peroneal tendon for the sake of all mankind. “Come with me if you want to be able to walk all day in the mall without limping!”

Posted by James at December 21, 2007 8:01 AM
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I used to write the date I started wearing a pair of running shoes on the shoe with a sharpie. Since I keep a running log, I knew when the shoe was running out. Most people can go about 500 miles in a shoe, but I could only go about 300. Now I just wait for my knees to start to hurt and I know the shoes are done for. They're okay for a 3 mile run, but I can't go farther than that in old shoes.

My peroneal tendonitis started after a 12- mile run, my longest at that time. However it is aggravated more by mall-walking in boots than it is by running. Running doesn't bother it at all. And adding an arch support to the boot of the affected foot helps. People with high arches are more likely to get peroneal tendonitis.

I saw three different orthopedists because I couldn't believe what they were telling me, but none of them were very concerned with the condition and told me I could still run. The first one gave me some stretches. I've had it for six years and so far nothing seriously bad has happened, although it bothers me any time I walk all day, like if we visit a museum, even if I wear my running shoes.

Posted by: Maggie at December 21, 2007 8:25 AM

That woman in the picture looks awfully happy. Awfully happy.

Posted by: Julie at December 21, 2007 9:14 AM

Further proof that she is a Cyborg doctor! She has lost touch with her human emotions. For all we know, she is harvesting tendons for the future!

Posted by: briwei at December 21, 2007 4:48 PM

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