January 25, 2008

Apple Visit Over

Sign in Apple restroom

Apple wants you to keep your germs to yourself. I agree!

Well, we’re back from “the mothership” and everything went well. We’re looking forward to more contact with Apple in the future, and seeing them help us apply the results of our research more broadly, and to continue that research.

We didn’t see a lot of California, as we were either flying, sleeping, presenting or eating the whole time. We were certainly treated quite well by California, except for Ryan who was flagged as a terrorist on our return to San Francisco International and taken aside to have every orifice of his person searched for bombs. But at least they didn’t put him in the amusing “sniffer” machine that seems to have only one purpose that we could observe — to put you on display so that it can startle you with a puff of air. Awkward!

The Apple Campus itself is a real kick. They have the most amazing cafeteria I’ve ever seen. If you picture a gigantic high-end mall food court, you’re close. The sushi I had there was not mall sushi, though. it was pretty much the best nigirizushi (salmon, yellowtail, tuna and shrimp) I’ve ever had. The Apple Campus is a lot like Disney in that everyone seems to be happy and smiling, and there was juggling.

I was surprised to see evidence of the decade-old “Think Different” campaign in the executive business center, but everything there was clean whiteness and Apple products.

I don’t like to blog much about work, so I’ll leave it at that for now. You can enjoy some few pictures, if you like.

Posted by James at January 25, 2008 10:04 AM
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Glad everything went well.

Too bad you didn't have time for any sightseeing. San Francisco and that area of California are one of my favorite places in the world. So much to do in a small area. Fortunately for me i get to go there on business fairly often (well once every few years or so). Maybe you'll get to see more in the future!

Posted by: B.O.B. (bob) at January 25, 2008 10:37 AM

Glad the trip went well. Can't wait to hear more about it. You guys should try coming to San Diego. I hear it's nice there, too.

Of course, it is less nice if you are a Patriots fan, but what can you do?

Posted by: briwei at January 25, 2008 11:39 AM

Can I get about 100 of those signs to post in my company's bathrooms?

Posted by: Patti M. at January 25, 2008 12:14 PM

The story of your trip does not make an unhappy Apple owner happy when she hears the MINIMUM CHARGE for a non-AppleCare covered repair (which she disagrees with vehemently) is $1200.

Posted by: pippa at January 26, 2008 9:47 AM

Have you tried ConsumerHelpWeb?

Posted by: James at January 26, 2008 10:19 AM

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