February 12, 2008

Random Crap


Am I the first one to notice Glen Beck looks like Porky Pig? I actually searched for “glen beck” + “porky pig” on Google and was shocked there aren’t any blog posts about it. I watched a bit of the Glen Beck show and it was really bugging me that he reminded me of somebody. Even after I turned off the TV and tried to clear my palate with some of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, it was bugging me. I only got any peace after I recalled Porky Pig.

Maybe I’m wrong. It seems like the ‘net thinks that Karl Rove is the Porky Pig-looking guy du jour. Whadda you think? Whose looks and mannerisms are more like Porky Pig? Glen Beck or Karl Rove?


Ugh.Speaking of clearing the palate, who is hotter?

Bzzzzzzt, sorry. While you were pondering that, you were collateral damage, killed by a stray punch.

Personally I prefer Sarah Connor. (Either or)

For the ladies:

Fight Them On The Funny Pages

A plot against one of the Mohammed cartoonists was apparently foiled. That got me to thinking. If we really wanted to draw out dangerous Islamist extremists, instead of attacking Iraq, perhaps we ought to have trained a bunch of hardened American servicemen as cartoonists and formed a comics brigade.

They could regularly publish cartoons with the likeness of Mohammed and act as a magnet for trigger-happy folks who don’t respect freedom of expression. They’d, of course, be ready to deal with any extreme responses.

Lottery Offender

The Herald is running this story about a sex offender who hit the lottery. People’s panties are in a bunch because sex offenders aren’t supposed to have good fortune.

Look, I don’t like sex offenses either, but the lottery is supposed to be random. The universe isn’t scripted. I think the people complaining about this are the same folks who think they’re going to win the lottery because they think they deserve it. Hey, maybe the system could do a better job handling sex offenders if it weren’t so clogged with drug cases! I know; it’s crazy talk.

However, the law should do something about this:

The Connecticut Sex Offender Registry lists Snay as a registered sex offender who has not verified his address since 2004. Sex offenders are required to law to verify their work and home addresses every 90 days, said Connecticut State Police Trooper William Tate.


GM reports a quarterly loss. Layoffs and buyouts on their way.

Bush: “prosperity and peace are in the balance” in November. No kidding, Mr. President?

President George W. Bush on Monday said the U.S. economy was structurally sound for the long-term despite a shrinking job market and anemic economic growth.

Of course it’s more stable for the long term. You’ll be out of office soon.

Dumb Criminals in School

If you like stories about dumb criminals, you’ll like this one. We recently lost one of our research computers to theft in a school, and we’ll unlikely ever catch the thief. Unless, of course, he’s as smart as this guy. He was one of three thieves who stole school computers. The other two criminals were caught after they set off the alarm. his guy would have gotten away, but needed to ask for directions from a passing motorist.

The driver turned out to be an administrator at the school, Dan Butler, who directed the man towards a nearby squad car. The man was immediately taken into custody.

Cheating Horsepower

Have you seen the new Avis ad running on CNN Headline News? It’s your car worrying about what you’re driving while you’re away on travel (a “hot” rental car, which is what Avis offers).

I get it! Avis is effectively communicating with their clientele by speaking to a situation they understand: cheating on their spouse. Brilliant!

Get Out!

Speaking of ads, the song from the MacBook Air ad is stuck in my head. I don’t know if that means I like it or hate it (I think I hate it, but I just can’t exorcise it).

Let’s pick a random song to clear the..OH NO! It’s that iPod Touch song! Oh well.

Posted by James at February 12, 2008 9:20 AM
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New Soul video http://www.promoguy.net/archives/003072.php

I love the video. Very sweet and happy :)

Posted by: mjfrombuffalo at February 12, 2008 11:07 AM

I guess you didn't hear. We got the research computer back.

Posted by: Sara at February 12, 2008 11:34 AM

re: Lottery Offender -- further proof there is no God.

re: Terminate -- Kristanna Lokken

re: Fight them on the Funny Pages -- wikipedia has repeatedly been the target of Muslim anger because their page on the prophet Muhammad includes historical depictions of him. And also because they don't include the phrase "peace be upon him" every time they mention his name.

Posted by: Chuck S. at February 12, 2008 12:06 PM

Hooray for justice! (allowing for notable exceptions)

Posted by: James at February 12, 2008 12:56 PM

The original (Linda Hamilton) Sarah Conner is the hottest. Well, maybe not the ORIGINAL with the 80s perm and all, but in T2 - definitely.

And I'm not just saying that because my wife looks like her.

Posted by: David Grenier at February 12, 2008 1:43 PM

Well Linda Hamilton wasn't on the list, but she was definitely rugged and attractive in T-2. Still think I pefer Lokken tho...

Posted by: Chuck S. at February 12, 2008 5:23 PM

I had linked to her picture (and Lena Headey's pic from the new series) when I said I preferred Sarah Connor to Terminators.

Posted by: James at February 12, 2008 5:27 PM

James, how come all your "would you rathers" aren't this good? "Hey, dudes, would you rather do huh or do huh? Oh, or do huh or do huh? Oh, sorry ladies, uh... there's a guy in that movie too I think, would you rather do him or do him? I'm sure he wouldn't push you outa bed."


Posted by: Maggie at February 13, 2008 10:41 AM

This post was just to check if you were still reading my blog, and how long it would take you to chide me.

In any case, I think my readership is dropping like a rock so it's of little import, ultimately.

I'll lead with pictures of hotties instead of links, when things get really bad.

Posted by: James at February 13, 2008 11:09 AM

LOL. I read your blog every day James, I just don't comment a lot.

Posted by: Chuck S. at February 13, 2008 3:01 PM

I was talking about my wife. :)

Posted by: James at February 13, 2008 3:04 PM

Hotties are always welcome.

Posted by: Mike at February 13, 2008 3:13 PM

Sorry I interpretted "I think my readership is dropping like a rock" as a comment on all of your readers as opposed to one specific reader. But hey, she did show up and chide you, it just took a little while. So don't lose heart, that particular audience seems to be still with you. :-)

Posted by: Chuck S. at February 13, 2008 8:39 PM

Dude, you're one of my 5 readers. I aim for a quality readership, not quantity!

Posted by: James at February 13, 2008 9:21 PM

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