February 25, 2008


I watched a tiny bit of the Oscars last night. Not having seen any of the films in the running for the big prize, I realized I largely did not care at all this year.

However, I do see that Ratatouille won Best Animated Feature Film. Hey - I saw that one! And liked it!

I caught the moment when Marketa Irglova got “played off” the stage after Glen Hansard’s acceptance words but before she could thank the Academy for winning Best Song. I didn’t see the movie “Once,” but I bought the soundtrack on iTunes a couple of months ago with some gift credits after hearing the song online. I might have rooted for it, had I been paying closer attention.

After the commercial, Jon Stewart called Ms. Irglova back on stage to make her thank-yous.

It’s not often you see such plain decency on TV. Just plain nice. The nice tend to shun he spotlight and work in anonymity. So it’s cool to see simple niceness happen at an event like this in front of the camera, where it can lodge in the brain and inspire others. To me, such acts are bigger than any award. Thanks, Jon Stewart!

Deep thoughts on niceness for your Monday morning.

Posted by James at February 25, 2008 8:51 AM
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