February 27, 2008

Getting SNL Wrong on Hillary

I enjoyed SNL's return last weekend. If you don't like SNL, you probably wouldn't have liked it, but I thought that the post-strike debut with Tina Fey hosting was contained a satisfying number of laughs. I think Tina Fey is great, and I can't wait for 30 Rock to come back.

As luck (or as Clinton) would have it, SNL was drawn into last night's Democratic Presidential Debate.

Maggie gave her summary of the debate, and I largely agree. So no need to repeat that, you can just read it on her blog.

But now here's a post on another blog I don't agree with. "The Plank" political (center-left) group blog at The New Republic published a post which agrees, to an extent, with the Clinton campaign's complaints about media bias, specifically their complaints about Saturday Night Live.

"But I still think it's kind of interesting, in light of the Clinton campaign's constant carping about the press, that no one batted an eye at Obama's SNL appearance. In other words, I think the Clinton people--sour grapes aside--have a bit of a point. --Jason Zengerle"

They're talking about a skit that aired last year, in which Obama himself appeared. If you view the blog post at The New Republic, you can see this skit, which I found funny, and which does cast Clinton in a negative light, but moreso as a woman afflicted with jerky male companions. But that's comedy.

My problem is that for the guy at the plank to agree with the general criticism of SNL, he really had to be paying no attention whatsoever. Not only did this weekend's opening skit cast Clinton as the victim of a media unfairness, there was a whole long "Weekend Update" segment in which Tine Fey berates the women of American for not supporting Senator Clinton. You can watch that here. (Again, there's a commercial)

What does he expect in these comedy sketches? It's bad enough that they are often not funny. Now they can't be subtly pro-Hillary, they have to be overt? If he'd just waited until midnight, he could have caught that as well. If you're going to criticise SNL for bias, at least watch the whole thing to see if your theory holds water.

David Grenier has a more pointed and detailed rebuttal to Clinton campaigners media lament. Worth a look. He was a lot less impressed than I was with SNL's return. Maybe I'm easily amused after 11:30 on a Saturday.

Posted by James at February 27, 2008 7:55 PM
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