March 28, 2008

LNG Returns

When the plan to site an LNG terminal in Fall River seemed all but dead, Weaver’s Cove Energy is back with a new proposal that they say addresses the concerns that have been raised. In reality, it merely circumvents the obstacles that successfully sunk the previous plans.

The new plan replaces dangerous navigation in the Taunton River with a pipeline that runs along the river bottom. The LNG would still be stored in tanks at the old Shell Oil site, which makes the plan a non-starter for citizens who were worried about that site.

The new terminal would be in Somerset waters, 2 miles from the Braga Bridge. The large LNG tankers would still have to pass through Rhode Island waters to reach the terminal of course.

Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch said the offshore proposal is “bordering on stunning in its audaciousness, greed and stupidity.” “If they claim to have been listening and this is what they came up with after a clear substantive evaluation, then they are not only greedy but deaf and dumb,” Lynch said. “To suggest such a ludicrous, unworkable, unimaginable option clearly and finally illustrates their disregard for people in general, nevermind the environment.”

I find Mayor Correia’s reaction to be pretty limp.

As he faces his first significant public challenge in the LNG arena as mayor, Correia said his strategy to defeat this proposal will be to “just be upfront” with the city’s objections. He said, however, he finds this proposal an admission that tankers will not cross under the Braga Bridge. “I think it’s a big concession, because they now know they are not getting an LNG ship up the river and into that cove,” Correia said.

He’s going to be “up front?” That’ll put the fear of God into Weaver’s Cove Energy! I don’t see how he can say this is a concession. Yes, they’ve realized that they can’t get the ships up the river. But, Mr. Correia, that is cold comfort to your city’s residents who don’t want to live next to what they see as a ticking time bomb.

I’m just being up front on this.

Posted by James at March 28, 2008 8:35 AM
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I'm not sure why Weaver's Cove Energy is beating the Fall River drum so hard.

Wait, yes I am. They know that wherever they go, there will be some resistance, but since this area doesn't have the bucks that some other communities have, they can outlast the challenges.

I would like to know which other communities they've thought of and how they ended up pounding on FR.

Posted by: Patti M. at March 28, 2008 11:54 AM

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