May 6, 2008

McCain/Bush Not Troops Best Friends

I just read the Op-Ed Doing the Troops Wrong by Bob Herbert. It discusses Jim Webb's no-brainer proposal for a new GI Bill.

He points out that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nomination hopefuls, both support Webb's proposal. Then he says this:

Well, you might be surprised at who is not supporting this effort. The Bush administration opposes it, and so does Senator John McCain.

Surprised? Only if you've bought into Republican and right-wing radio rhetoric.

I'm not surprised, and neither should you be. How many stories do we need to read about veterans getting short shrift before we get the message that the Republican party talks a good game about supporting the troops, but if you scratch the surface it turns out that Republicans and warbloggers are most enthusiastic about the troops when we're talking about sending them places to fight. And they love the opinions of the troops when that opinion is "LET US FIGHT!"

The support for the troops begins to evaporate when the troops return; it becomes largely symbolic. When the troops return, they sometimes return with a different opinion about war. An opinion less enthusiastic about war doesn't quite mesh with warblogger chickenhawk thinking. To them, our returning troops are more useful as quiet symbols, like the flag.

These people can have a lot of trouble returning from their tours. We owe it to them to help, and funding their education is a winning proposition. Don't forget this when someone wants you to equate flag-waving with patriotism. Don't let McCain get away with the political cover of his watered-down counter-proposal.

Actions speak louder than lapel pins.

Posted by James at May 6, 2008 8:18 AM
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I love it...

Don't give them too many benefits...they might get out!

Unsat. In it's entirety.

Posted by: Bull at May 6, 2008 1:54 PM

Almost like they are trying to create a warrior caste or something.

Posted by: briwei at May 6, 2008 2:51 PM

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