May 14, 2008

Money + Wind = Less Money

Yesterday was a pretty windy day.

Ryan and I were on our way to No Problemo restaurant at the corner of Williams St. and Purchase St. in New Bedford. (If you haven't been in a while, they've opened up a new full-service sit-down dining area.)

I needed to use the ATM across the street, so we approached the bank's vestibule. As I opened the door, which was still closing from someone who had just entered, I noticed a woman who was snatching at the air. She began to yell at me.

"Close the door! close the door!"

I realized she was trying to catch her money, which was flying around the vestibule as a result of the string wind currents. I tried to reverse and close the door, fighting both the wind and the door's anti-slamming mechanism, but I was too late. The $20 bill flew out of the door when it was about 4 inches ajar and flew toward the street.

Then, caught in an eddy, it circled back around. Ryan and I tried to grab for it before it buried itself in the corner of the alcove. Ryan cornered it and ended its escape-attempt.

We entered the vestibule and gave the woman her 20, which seemed small comfort to her since she had lost $40 more behind a heavy, bolted, locked box next to the wall. Ryan made an attempt at helping her while I used the ATM, but the box wouldn't budge. Some sort of security guard showed up, but never said a word. At this point there were 5 of us in the closet-sixed space: the woman, Ryan, another woman who was waiting for the ATM, the stoic guard and myself.

In retrospect, I think the guard was there because he was worried that we were trying to rob the bank. Maybe Ryan trying to move the lockbox made him nervous. But, the whole time we were there the woman was freaking out about the money she couldn't reach. The security guard decided to get some fresh air, and we recommended to the woman that she talk to the management, and perhaps get something she could use to fish out the money.

I don't know what they eventally did for her, but in my view if the money is still in the bank, you can see it but cannot reach it, it hasn't been officially withdrawn from your account.


Posted by James at May 14, 2008 9:01 PM
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