July 6, 2008

Sunset Parade

I had the honor and the privilege yesterday to attend the Sunset Parade at the Charlestown Navy Yard on Boston Harbor, with the crew of the U.S.S. Constitution. Even better, I got to spend some time afterward with friends and family, relaxing back at my cousin's house.

It was a beautiful evening for the event, clear skies and cool temperatures.

We were treated to a number of performances, the Lincoln Minute Men, A 4H Fife and Drum band, and the William Diamond Fife and Drum Corps. They finished up the musical portion of the evening with a group of drummers and bagpipers who let fly with a rendition of Scotland The Brave which was quite a crowd pleaser (video embedded below on this post).

We were also treated to demonstrations of the steps of firing cannon. For the silent demonstration the crew concluded with an actual firing of a U.S.S. Constitution cannon at the moment in the demonstration when the demonstration cannon would have fired. The volume of the cannon never cease to surprise me. We then stood for evening colors.

Afterward, we walked over to the Captain's residence where the conversation and company were both lively, and the kids played their own games in the back yard.

I got to meet a number of people, including one of the family of DrMomentum.com blog comment posters - Boston Maggie. We didn't get to spend too much time talking to each other, but it was lovely to speak with her. I don't often get to meet people who have actually read my blog; it is always a noteworthy occasion because of the superior quality of my blog readers.

My daughter was having such a good time she declared it "the Party of the Century" which seemed to please Bull. At one point, after the kids had gone inside for the evening, I went to check on them and the eldest cousin from each of the families was engaging in a spirited discussion on the merits and attributes of different sorts of robots. It reminded me of similar discussions my cousins and I used to have while poring over books of drawings with robots and spacecraft. I'm glad my daughters can get to know their cousins; as I've gotten older I've gotten closer to the family members with whom I spent so much of my important formative time.

K had at least as much fun with her cousins as I did with Bull, Sarah, B.O.B., Patti, Bob, Liz, my aunt and uncle, and everyone.

Here is a set of pictures (the public ones are entirely from/of the Sunset Parade) and I really wish I'd remembered to take some shots of the party afterward. Even with the camera on my hip, I'm lousy at remembering to take snapshots. I give you, some bagpipes I uploaded to Google Video:

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Posted by James at July 6, 2008 1:36 PM
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[quote]I don't often get to meet people who have actually read my blog; it is always a noteworthy occasion because of the superior quality of my blog readers.[/quote]

Suck-up. :)

Posted by: mjfrombuffalo at July 7, 2008 9:39 AM

Did I lay that one on too thick?

Posted by: James at July 7, 2008 11:16 AM

mjfrombuffalo - Hey, stop interfering with "Maggie-worship"!!!!!

Seriously, it was very nice meeting you too, James. I had a great time.

Posted by: BostonMaggie at July 8, 2008 12:27 AM

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