August 6, 2008

Thanks, Keri

As some of you have already heard, Keri's left WSAR to work for the Bristol County DA's office in child and elder abuse prevention.

She's always been passionate on the subject of children, a fact that comes through not only in personal conversations but was often reflected in the subject matter of her show.

WSAR has lost an asset. Whatever the details are, it's an unfortunate loss for area broadcasting. The county will be lucky to have her energy and enthusiasm behind the problem of child abuse. Our loss to an entertainment and information medium is, at least, the gain for a vulnerable segment of the population.

Keri had already proved on air that she's up to the challenge of juggling scads of information, doing the prep work that made her show an informed discussion rather than the sound of escaping hot air you find on many other broadcast choices. But she has also shown us she's a tireless investigator, not content just to read what's put before her but to get involved deeply with issues. I frankly don't know where she gets the energy.

We citizens of the county are going to be lucky to have that kind of energy working for us as she focuses her attention on this new role. I console myself with that, now that we won't be able to hear her voice so easily anymore.

I selfishly hope this means a return to blogging, if she has the time or inclination. But however that shakes out, best of luck, Keri. And thanks.

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Posted by James at August 6, 2008 2:11 AM
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I had heard about the child abuse thing. Elder abuse too? Seriously? SCORE! Keri will kick ass for Bristol County.

Posted by: Julie at August 6, 2008 10:26 AM

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