January 9, 2009

Beer Report

9th Night

To celebrate the first work week of the year (or to mitigate the effects of it) an outing to New Bedford's Pour Farm and No Problemo was scheduled. Sara and I left from work and met Cousin Bob, Liz, Don and Ron, and a new friend named Henry (I think it was Henry -- I'm horrible with names).

The bartenders at the Pour Farm couldn't be more accommodating. They let us bring our No Problemo order in and move two tables together. (In fact, they have the menu, so you can call ahead)

I had to restrain myself from getting Chocolate Bock on tap because I wanted to try some new beer. Pour Farm has flights of beer, allowing you to try more beer with less intoxication (meaning you get home soberer, safer and earlier). I had a pint and half a flight, which I split with Bob. Here are the beers I tried:

Southern Tier Raspberry Porter

Raspberry flavor was strong, so you definitely have to like fruit to like this beer. I like porters, and I found this one smooth and drinkable. I also like the way the hops asserted itself a bit as the raspberry faded off your tongue. Very refreshing. Would drink again. (link to this beer on BeerAdvocate)

Harpoon Rauchfetzen

I wanted to surprise Bob, so I ordered this as part of the flight. I'd had rauchbier before and didn't love their overpowering smokiness. This beer is a lot less smoky than I expected, which is something you'd criticize if you liked rauchbiers. But they named it "Rauchfetzen" or"wisp of smoke" so clearly they were going for something slightly different. It was good with tacos, and so I would definitely pair this with food. They recommend cheeses and sausages, which sounds about right. I'd drink it again, especially with BBQ. (link to this beer on BeerAdvocate)

Harpoon Baltic Porter (Leviathan Series)

Favorite beer of the night, hands down. I am doomed to love limited run beers. This one I put in the same class as Chocolate Bock, although a very different taste. It's a strong beer at over 9% abv. But this beer reminded me of all my favorite porters. Rich and almost wine-like, it had chocolate notes without the chocolate sweetness of Chocolate Bock. I should have taken notes, and I have to get a bottle or two of this for the cellar. I rate this beer (IMHO) above Double Bastard. (link to this beer on BeerAdvocate)

At around 9:15 we started to hear fireworks. Bob and I decided to investigate and see if the new brick oven pizza place was still open. It wasn't, to our disappointment.

We wandered down Acushnet Ave and watched the fireworks that were being launched from the parking low where we usually park. They seemed so close... they were so close. I was afraid that they might fall on our heads.

New Bedford had postponed their fireworks from First Night because of windy weather. Ironically, last night was also very windy. Gusts up to 50 MPH were reported on the news. But that didn't stop them from putting on their show as people stood yards away and watched.

9th Night

Posted by James at January 9, 2009 10:43 AM
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oops - forgot to mention that I also got a taste of Founder's Breakfast Stout. Bob pouured half of a little flight glass into one of my glasses.

It was great - with flavors of chocolate and coffee. It really is a breakfast-y stout.


I'd call it my second fave of the night.

Posted by: James at January 9, 2009 12:41 PM

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