January 20, 2009

Welcome, Obama

Welcome to your new job, Mr. Obama. Maggie starts her new job today as well, so it's a day of beginnings for us.

Best of luck with it. Your luck is ours as well.

There are people who have been waiting 8 years to sink their teeth into another "liberal" president, and they've said openly that they are hoping for you to fail. After 8 years of telling Bush administration critics that they were unpatriotic for having an independent thought, before day one they feel it's appropriate to wish for the failure of a new president. Of course, the stakes are not as high for rich conservative-media blowhards. Yes: it is true that there are some people who listen to those idiots. But the vast majority of Americans know that's bullshit. The best revenge is ignoring them and succeeding and building respect.

The truth is, they're scared after seeing their ideas fail so badly. A lot of them are emotionally hurt by having a president let them down so badly. Some feel they have little to hold on to that will cover up that fear, except anger. Others are cautiously optimistic.

The majority of us love our country and will cheer every step back in the right direction.

We know you can't do it alone. Part of what frustrated us about the last administration was how it tied our hands. Money that could have been spent on research, educational infrastructure, and empowering our citizens was wasted on aggrandizing elective military adventures. The most we were ever asked to do was spend, never to strive or create, or solve or dream. We were never encouraged to do the things that Americans have been admired for being good at; instead the things we are caricatured for.

Welcome to you. But please welcome us back by leveraging our creativity, enthusiasm, drive and love for this country. It's a well you can never go to too many times, though you can poison it as we have seen.

Posted by James at January 20, 2009 9:09 AM
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