March 18, 2009

'Round the World

What's going on?

Blame It On Bison

The state's Department of Environmental Protection is pointing the finger at Buttonwood Park's hoofed residents for high E-coli counts and pollution in the bay.

Fecal matter from bison, deer and waterfowl in Buttonwood Park Zoo is suspected of contributing to high bacteria levels in Buttonwood Brook, which flows through the zoo grounds and empties into Dartmouth's Apponagansett Bay. (New Bedford Standard Times)

If bullshit causes pollution, we might want to take a closer look at some of the politicians in local municipal governments. For the sake of the environment!

Cisco Fatty

File it under "hazards of social networking." It's never a good policy to Tweet where you eat.

When a job applicant was offered a position at Cisco, he tweeted he was weighing his "fatty paycheck" vs. the work he was going to hate. Guess what? Cisco employees use the Internet, too! "Cisco Fatty" has now become a "thing" on Twitter's search.

Pope Sez: Condoms Worsen AIDS Problem

This has been causing quite a stir. The Pope apparently said that condoms risk making the problem of AIDS worse. I'm not sure I understand the outrage. Hasn't the Pope always been against condom use?

In any case, I think we have a huge problem in AIDS, and especially in Africa (where, incidentally, the Catholic Church is growing most rapidly.)

Closer to home, we recently discovered that in our nation's capital, 3 percent of the residents are infected with HIV/AIDS. That's according to the Washington Post and a DOH Epidemiological update. To give you some perspective, at 1 percent the situation is considered a "generalized and severe" epidemic. DC's problem is three times that size.

If Bush wants to point to a legacy abroad on AIDS, the only way to do that is to ignore what happened in his backyard.

Arrogance + Incompetence + Greed = AIG

I hear the CEO is planning to ask the bonus recipients to give half of their bonuses back.

Are you going to be half as angry? Does this mean people are only going to lynch half as many of them? I need to know what this all means.

Other "word on the street" is that Republicans are seeing this as an election opportunity. Maybe they don't get that it was the first bailout that essentially funded these bonuses, as no executive compensation limits weren't included.

Congress and the president aren't off the hook. In a move that reeks of caving to lobbyists, executive compensation regulations have had a way of quietly disappearing from legislation after it's been approved but before it gets to the president's desk.

Where did those restrictions go? Nobody is saying.

Posted by James at March 18, 2009 2:29 PM
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Something tells me that the bison of Buttonwood Park are not the greatest polluters in New Bedford.

Is the Pope aware that we already have some pretty good data as to the effects of condom use on the spread of HIV/AIDS? Even reading his comments in context, he's not just saying "I disapprove of condoms," he's saying "condoms alone won't help." Which is actually untrue. Condoms alone will help a lot. Personally I think they will help a lot more than "renewing the human person internally." Being humanly internally renewed is probably a wonderful thing (just guessing, wouldn't know), but it does not protect you from HIV.

Posted by: Julie at March 18, 2009 3:08 PM

For it to be irresponsible for the Pope to say what he said, I'd have to be convinced he was starting from a reality-based view of condoms in the first place.

In other words, I agree with what you're saying, but it's not surprising coming from the Pope.

On the bright side, some Catholic groups have voiced opposition to the Pope's distortions/delusions on condom usage.

Posted by: James at March 18, 2009 3:27 PM

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