April 8, 2009

Palin's Press-Release Malfunction

If you're like a lot of voters, you wanted to walk away from the 2008 presidential election forgetting the name of Sarah Palin. But Palin is still inexplicably popular among Republican voters who are casting about frantically for some conservative leadership from some corner -- any corner!

Palin's political instincts are as sharp as ever, which is to say they are about as keen as a piece of toast accidentally dropped into a urinal. Forget political instincts, she has no sense of when not to wade into the muck. That's 'cause she's a scrapper! Ask the people she's taken her revenge on.

Not content to fade into obscurity, Levi Johnston appeared on the Tyra Banks show and told the sad tale of what happened to him after the role written for him by McCain / Palin campaign fantasy scribes came to an end. Essentially, he was discarded like an improperly-used condom. Among his confessions was that he believes Sara Palin knew he and Bristol were sexually active because "moms are pretty smart."

Apparently, that was too much for the governor to take. She actually had an employee issue a statement condemning Levi for telling "flat-out lies."

"We're disappointed that Levi and his family, in a quest for fame, attention and fortune, are engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and even distortion of their relationship," [[Palin family spokeswoman] Meghan Stapleton tells Usmagazine.com in a statement Friday.

Levi and Bristol did something dumb that many kids do. It was a dumb kid thing to do. They should have been taught that safe sex needs to be safe all the time. Talk of a "condom wardrobe malfunction" from Levi couldn't be a stronger endorsement for sex education. Bristol's life experience has educated her beyond her mom as she's already expressed her opinion on how unrealistic abstinence-only education is. She was "corrected" by her politically correct (conservative edition) mom, and you start to see a pattern emerge.

Yep, kids do dumb things like have sex before they're ready, agree to be a campaign prop, and go on TV talking to Tyra Banks. The education they need is on how to deal with the impulses that lead them to make those stupid decisions, and how to mitigate the damage of life-changing mistakes. And that education needs to be based in reality -- or as Bristol Palin might put it, needs to be realistic. Versus fantastic, or fantasy-based.

Parents ought to be adults for their children, but they sometimes fail, and sometimes they fail all out in the open at an inconvenient time.

Leaders need to be adults for themselves and their constituents. This is a lesson that Governor Palin has not yet learned; her actions are something you might expect from a jilted lover on Jerry Springer. Ignoring the question of why a paid employee of Alaska is writing press releases attacking her erstwhile future son-in-law, a 19-year old kid, it baffles the mind that she sees any wisdom in conducting this feud in public.

Obama asked us during the campaign to keep family out of the heated criticism that surrounds presidential politics. But Palin choses to attack the father of her grandchild and his family, for goodness sake her own extended family now, as if he were a political opponent.

Show your own family some compassion, Palin. And give the rest of us a break.

Posted by James at April 8, 2009 10:07 AM
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