August 7, 2009

This is weird

I am really not sure why I have not been posting to my blog lately. But you and I have both noticed the drop-off in posts. Well, there's something to write about!

I've got some anxiety about the blog. I want to abandon my blogging software for newer software. This blogging software I'm using is annoyingly old. But any transition will cause some hiccups and disruption. It may well be that this recent drop in posts will encourage me that a little disruption is not so bad. But I hate working on blog layouts and the other BS that goes with that.

So... Facebook.

Yeah, I've been spending some time on Facebook. It's easy to get drawn into political discussions there because I can't help but post political stories (or comment on other people's political stories). And then it turns into a "thing." And I've had enough of "things." But I haven't had enough of expressing my opinion. So I am served a daily menu of arguments that have little chance of going anywhere. At least here on the blog I could sit back and let you guys argue when I got bored or busy. Social media has splintered attention and conversation. That's a bad thing for people who struggle with focus.

There are just too many places for me to open my big mouth.

Posted by James at August 7, 2009 8:27 AM
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