January 22, 2010

Blog Neglect

I have sorely neglected my blog, of late. I hope to be a little better this year, even with classes. Of course, by now anyone who was accustomed to coming here and reading regular updates has probably taken me off his list of frequent reads.

That's OK, the blog is partly for my own catharsis and the posts get cross-posted to Facebook, so they'll get some exposure. I think I get more discussion on blog posts there than I do here anyhow.

At the very least, I'm sure I can muster some occasional griping...

Posted by James at January 22, 2010 2:43 PM
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Glad you came back.

Posted by: Kitten Herder at January 23, 2010 7:37 AM

No worries, I'm much too lazy to delete this blog from my feed reader. Glad you're back.

I wish I had time to update my own blog once in a while. I recently (okay, not so recently by now) got a letter from the RNC (I don't know how I got on their list) that was hilariously evil and stupid. Not to mention hysterically fearful. I've been wanting to post it with a rant for a while, but haven't had the time to deal with the graphics. (It would only take a few minutes, but those are a few minutes that I've had to spend in a different manner.)

Posted by: Julie at January 23, 2010 10:53 AM

This is why God^h^h^h the IETF made Atom feeds. I don't have to worry about it, and when you post, well, there 'tis. Magic.

Posted by: Barry Leiba at January 25, 2010 10:25 PM

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