January 28, 2010

If the No Votes Continue, Help Will Not Come

When Republicans decided to vote "no" on everything, I could see early on that their obstructionism was designed to make certain that Obama would fail to help the country. When Republicans heard me say these things, that there was a desire for the president to fail, they said I was misinterpreting. They said Republicans had valid concerns about issues like Health Care. Meanwhile, Democrats bargained away issue after issue in favor of conservative concerns. Only once in the entire process did they get a single Republican vote out of it, despite over a hundred Republican amendments to bills being considered before Congress.

If there was any doubt, you could see in the State of the Union audience that, until the president called them out on it, Republicans were sitting on their hands when applause accompanied fiscally conservative policies.

This is not an argument over fiscal conservatism or fiscal liberalism. This is an extended temper tantrum while the country is experiencing an economic Katrina. And if this continues when the super-majority is gone, it will absolutely represent an abdication of leadership responsibility during a time of crisis. It will represent the elevation of politics over your interests.

The evidence is no longer just "who was clapping at the State of the Union and who was not." Republicans are voting "no" on proposals very similar to fiscal discipline proposals they supported before Obama was in office. A perfect example is this law just passed that would require that any new spending measure must be accompanied by funds that cover it, known popularly as "pay-go."

Senate Democrats voted to adopt statutory pay-go rules for legislative business on Thursday, in what party leaders described as an affirmation of their commitment to budgetary discipline.

They received no Republican votes.

[...]Four Republican senators who opposed the measure on Thursday voted for nearly an identical measure in 2006.

Earlier this week, five Senate Republicans withdrew their co-sponsorships and support for a committee on debt-reduction, after loudly complaining about the debt.

Does this make sense to you? Do you think they should keep voting "no" hoping things get worse before the 2010 elections? Perhaps they can keep on doing it until 2012. If you're a Republican, ask Republicans to engage in governing again. It's the only way things will improve. And clearly they wouldn't listen to me.

Posted by James at January 28, 2010 5:06 PM
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You are absolutely correct.

"Tantrum" is the perfect word for what is going on in this country. The Reps are still so pissed that they didn't have a viable candidate to vote for, that they will stop at nothing to ensure that Obama doesn't get a second term. Their only option was to vote for a cranky old man completely out of touch with this century and his bubble-headed running mate, or an intelligent, well-spoken (read: uppity) Black man - and boy, what a choice THAT was!

Obabam could fart rainbows and unicorns and still no one would be happy....

This whole situation makes me want to move to another country - one where health care, education, and helping those in need is a priority.

Posted by: Jessica at January 29, 2010 12:01 AM

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