May 6, 2010


As it happens, there is another occasion to celebrate an accomplishment of one of our children. We have two children, and that means there is often some report card, some honor roll, some something. It doesn't matter who your child is, or what they do. Maybe they're in sports. Maybe they're academically accomplished. Maybe they are artistic. Maybe they're just generally awesome. It's part of a parent's job to celebrate that with them. After all, they are in a time of great learning, growing and their accomplishments and milestones happen much more often than they do for people over 25.

Thursday is the first day of the week I really have a chance to spend a little extra time with them. So, we have been using Thursdays to celebrate.

So, I told my daughter "congratulations!" on her latest accomplishment. "To celebrate, we're going to get ice cream after school. That's what we do to celebrate your excellence. Ice cream!"

After a moment of eating her breakfast, she asked me "What were we celebrating last Thursday?" For a number of weeks, we'd had actual accomplishments to celebrate. Last week I took them out for ice cream without mentioning an actual reason.

I am ready. "Last week we were just celebrating Thursday."

I think they're on to me with this ice cream thing. But I have a feeling they're not going to call me on it.

Posted by James at May 6, 2010 2:08 PM
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