September 14, 2010


Okay, not really.

So, I just decided yesterday that this blog is going on a sort of hiatus. It's slipping into low power mode, at least for the semester, possibly until 2013. This will be of high interest to the 2 people (including me) who still read the blog. (Thank you, RSS feeds!) Thing is, I still have stuff to say, and a number of issues here (psst. the software) keep me from wanting to make this my daily haunt. Plus, blogging feels like more of a drive-by affair lately. So, I'm switching to microblogging.

When you're too busy to blog... get yet another blog, right?

My new blog is called Rabbits of Mind ( If you care, you can check out that blog's RSS feeds. Lucky for you, it pretty much autoposts to Twitter and Facebook as well. It's a Tumblr blog, so if you've got a Tumblr account, you can follow me that way.

I installed a Disqus commenting system on there which (hooray!) should be completely spam and maintenance free! It requires authentication, but you can use your Twitter account. Eventually Facebook accounts should be recognized, once I get that working.

What will happen to Aces Full of Links? I still use it. All my recipes and such are here. I search it nearly every time I cook. I'll probably still post my recipes here, so I have a place to find them. But for the short term, my conversation has moved over to Rabbits of Mind. And Facebook and Twitter.

See you there?

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