December 26, 2012

And a year went by

I was prompted to come back here and post something because I needed to log into Movable Type to remove a code that prevented individual entries from loading quickly. Some blog-related service died (blogrush) over the last year and made it difficult to get to old recipes on Aces Full of Links.

That’s what I (and certain friends) still use this blog for. Recipes that are stored here. Although I have started moving some of those to my databases in Springpad and elsewhere.

Until those services die. :)

Anyhow, If anyone is still checking here, Aces Full is kind of dead, but I am not. Which means it may return someday. The world has changed. We all use “social media” more than we used to use blogs to stay in touch. The fact that this remains a useful and searchable resource for recipes shows one of the weaknesses of Facebook. I can’t find a damn thing I have posted to Facebook.

I am about to sign up for this year’s Little Compton Scenic Winter Road Race. Time moves on. We are all still here, and I hope we stay in touch by whatever means we can. That is what is important.


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