November 30, 2013

Locked out!

Well holy moley. Nearly another year. Again I’m logging in to post here because something’s gone wrong.

Facebook, which has become my way of communicating with friends while too busy to see anyone in person, has locked me out, asking for a government issued ID to prove I am who I say I am. I had no idea why on Thanksgiving day, when it happened. Did I annoy someone in a public feed, and they reported my account as a fake account? Did I get hacked? Did Facebook just get sick of me? Some combination of things?

Well, at least one thing is becoming more clear. Someone is actually trying to get into my accounts. Facebook locked me out, but then the Apple ID notifications started coming, until they locked down password changes. Now I’m getting notifications from Netflix.

I’m under some kind of attack for the passwords associated with my Gmail account. So I’ve changed that password and a number of other key passwords. I keep a secure password database, which makes this a little bit easier. All my passwords are different. But, as of this morning, there are 223 of them. Changing even a substantial fraction of those would be a real pain.

Either this lame account-thief will get into one or more of my accounts, or they will fail and move on. Since I’ve added 2-factor authentication to my email account, I should be able to rely on the ability to put everything back if I do notice a breach somewhere.

If you happen to be following me on other services, could you please let me know if you see unusual activity? Thanks.

Also, after 2+ days of this lockout, I miss my friends. I’ve started posting to Google+, but except for a couple of friendly folks, posting there is like screaming into the void.

Hmm. Kind of like posting to this blog after so many years of neglect.

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