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  • I will not necessarily offer reasons or any warning why I have altered or deleted a comment.
  • Note that your comment will probably be treated in kind. An attack will likely be attacked.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit. Spend some time to make your comment brief. You may quote other comments, but do so sparingly. A series of quotes with responses feels more like an attack. One well-made point has more impact.
  • Here are a few things that raise the probability of deletion or editing:
    • Excessive use of profanity
    • Incoherence attributable to poor spelling or grammar
    • Nonsensical or far off-topic posts (“ur site sux” and the like)
    • Boring me or my readers
    • Trolling for flames
    • If you post offends me. (Note: Not if it is offensive, if it offends me.)
  • Some behavior gets your post automatically deleted
    • Impersonating another person
    • Personal attacks
    • Double posts (the extra post will be deleted)
    • “Sorry for the double post” messages
    • Comments about any administrative acts (like post deletion)

  • Email addresses are not displayed on the site when your comment is posted. (This is for your protection against spammers) However, please include your address in the form, especially if you don’t want me concluding you’re a troll. If I know you personally, this is not much of an issue. But since I get email notification of every comment, it is nice to see who they are coming from. For people I don’t know, you’re raising the probability I will delete the comment. If there is a reason you have not included your email address, I have to assume it’s because you don’t want me to know who you are or to be able to contact you. Why should I want to keep your comment on my blog in that case? The answer is, I may not want to.

What is your recourse in all of this? You may get your own weblog. and then you can post whatever you like there. Or you can email me to complain.

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